What We Do

Committed to Customer Service

Caroni Solutions is committed to providing you with the best service in the industry. To accomplish this, we have established a customer service team of highly trained professionals dedicated to responding to your needs and delivering superior value every step of the way.

Our experts assist in the design process, carrier selection, pricing, negotiation, contract review, installation, service order activity, and contract renewal. All Caroni Solutions professionals work together to understand your business and deliver the best IT and communication solutions to you.

Your Needs Are Our First Priority

Our experts perform a comprehensive review of your voice and data infrastructure. In addition to reviewing your invoices, our objective is to gain a clear understanding of your business goals.

We focus on reducing your cost, but more importantly, we strive to ensure the service you are using or considering meet your business needs. We have an extensive portfolio of services and vendor relationships. Let us help you test, plan, and implement the best solution.

Orders, Billing, & Provisioning

Our experts have headed provisioning centers, circuit design centers, and billing organizations at the nation’s leading Fortune 100 telecoms.

Our services are designed to assist you with all move, add, change, and disconnect order activities. If needed, we’ll help you manage your existing voice and data lines.

Determine if TEM is Right for you

We can help you determine if a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution is right for your business. TEM solutions can help you reduce your accounts payable processing time and eliminate complexity in your network.

If your goal it to operate more efficiently, we have the right solutions for you.