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Need to choose the right carrier service provider? Don't go at it alone.

Technology advances are accelerating the fusion of the communications and IT worlds. Nowadays, the two are inseparable.

With so many options, the method by which busy executives strategize, source, implement, and maintain their carrier services is more important than ever before.

The telecommunications landscape can be confusing, time-consuming and unnecessarily expensive for IT managers who don’t speak the language or fully understand the landscape. Connectivity, compliance, security, uptimes and service levels are just a few variables to manage, and each metric varies from carrier to carrier and from company to company. Read More

Looking for unrivaled network speed, reliability, and security? Let's discuss business cable.

Business Cable Services provide companies with robust solutions for phone, internet, Ethernet, and cable television networks. 

Cable technology and infrastructure provide tremendous bandwidth-for-the-buck when compared to traditional carriers, utilizing advanced HFC (hybrid fiber coax) networks.

Also, the reliability of cable networks is unparalleled when compared to similar solutions. Caroni Solutions partners with the top cable companies in the U.S. and can offer your business the best cable solution, with the best service, at the most competitive prices.  Read More

Is it time for a technology upgrade? Before you move to the cloud, let's talk.

As information technology becomes more strategic and critical in impacting an organization’s bottom line, companies look to the Cloud to decrease IT complexity and drive ROI.

For some organizations, Cloud solutions can be more secure, predictable and scalable than on-premise solutions.

Caroni provides organizations with over 40 Cloud solution options.  We’ve vetted the top suppliers for each technology, and we understand their strengths and weaknesses in each category.  We’ve also assessed the optimal suppliers for your specific vertical. Read More

Cost Control: Let's help you manage your technology expenses.

Telecommunications expenses are among the most controllable costs for your enterprise. But the complexity of carrier services and contracts can introduce errors that can be hard to identify for most companies.

In an increasingly fast-paced business environment, we recognize that you simply don’t have enough time to keep track of your telecom costs.

That’s why Caroni Solutions offers a full range of off-site cost-management options. No matter how complex your telecom expense management or information technology business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.  Read More