“We never thought we would get the credit we deserved and were frustrated dealing with the carrier. Thanks to the Caroni team who made sense of the complex problems we had and obtained our credit very quickly.”

Osum R., Finance Manager - Service Industry

“We are very pleased with the services from the folks at Caroni. They made the process seem easy with easy to understand reports that outlined our new technology and savings.”

Elaine L., Accounting - International Trade

“We like having the Hospital’s accounts reviewed every few years.  Carrier billing is forever changing, and there always seems to be an opportunity for billing errors to creep in. Outside of doing a great job on the audit, the Caroni team has helped me with resolving other telco issues. They even stepped in when I needed a maintenance dispatch for a service outage. They are the best I’ve come across in the industry.”

Laura M., Director of IT – Hospital

“I highly recommend engaging Caroni Solutions. We had worked with a similar firm just three years prior to working with this team. The approach and results between the two companies were like night and day. They actually drilled down on our existing network inventory and billing. They are telecom experts, and the results reflect it.”

Raymond N., Facilities Director – Global Non-Profit