Strategic Sourcing

Telecommunications and Information Technology are two of an organization’s largest spend categories. Due to their complexity, they can be notoriously difficult to source. We will help your organization reduce costs, achieve desired results, and minimize service delivery intervals with strategic sourcing and procurement solutions. Leverage our industry knowledge, experience, and vendor partnerships to assist you with understanding your telecom and IT expenses.

Count on our experts in the field of provisioned services and IT solutions to manage your next technology upgrade. You need a collaborative approach to vendor selection, and our structured process creates a competitive environment which results in lower acquisition pricing.

Inventory & Analysis

Once we receive access to your billing information and letters of carrier authorization, we begin by assessing the telecommunications landscape and compiling a comprehensive list of relevant services, equipment, carriers, vendors, and contracts. In addition to analyzing your current service and spend, you may opt to have our team perform a historical audit.

There is no fee for inventory benchmarks and analysis, and all audits are contingency-based. Outside of providing the billing records, your time and effort in the process are minimal. Depending on access to your billing and customer service records, benchmarking and analysis is completed in a few weeks.

Needs Assessment

Our team systematically conducts needs assessments. We determine and address your needs, or "gaps" between current conditions and desired conditions or "wants." We evaluate all discrepancies between the current condition and desired future state. To ensure that we have a clear understanding of all needs, we collaborate with you and all key stakeholders to define sourcing requirements.

We prepare a scope of work to be included in the Request for Proposal (RFP) that is aligned with your business objectives. Once you review and approve the strategy, our team will begin the RFP process.

RFP Process

We manage the RFP process for you. A structured RFP framework will create a competitive environment which results in lower acquisition pricing for your organization. Once all supplier bids are received, we produce an assessment report evaluating each supplier, their proposal, strengths, weaknesses, service offering, and price comparisons. Through our strategic relationships with 100+ carriers and suppliers, we provide you with the necessary data to make an informed decision.

Service Delivery

Once you have made a final decision, our consultants take the lead in completing negotiations of pricing and service levels and provide all necessary contracts for your review. Our team oversees the implementation as well as manages the disconnection of old services.

Billing & Contract Review

Post-installation and implementation, our team reviews all pricing to ensure that billing meets contractual terms to ensure compliance. Moving forward, you will receive dedicated support from one our dedicated Account Managers. They will assist you with any order, billing, or provisioning issues.