International Retailer

Challenge: A major luxury brand added a new location to its existing international MPLS network. Dialing between the firm’s NY and Asia offices functioned correctly; however, the client could not dial internationally outside of the MPLS network and its corporate offices. The client sought assistance to resolve the international dialing issue and find a cost-effective plan for international and national calling.

Approach: The client’s existing VoIP dialing scheme, network configuration, and respective carrier facilities were reviewed and analyzed by our network engineers. The research revealed the international dialing problem was the result of a carrier switching issue involving one of the client’s T1 connections and the PSTN. Working with the client’s IT staff, the carrier provisioning and account teams, our staff quickly resolved the VoIP dialing issue.

To identify the most cost-effective international and national calling plan our team analyzed the client's historical usage. We conducted comparative pricing analysis across multiple carriers. We documented and presented all findings to the client for decision-making and approval.

Result: The calling plan spend was reduced by over 25 percent. Our analysis also identified services that were still billing at the client’s old location. Working with the carrier order and billing resolution teams our team disconnected the services at the old location and recovered several months of over-billing.