Entertainment Agency

Challenge: After 20 years at its current location, an Entertainment Agency planned to move its corporate headquarters to allow for future growth. The company identified an office space in a historic landmark building in midtown Manhattan. Outside of the physical move, executive leadership decided it would be a good time to obtain a financial assessment of existing telecom services and a cost analysis for upgrading the network. The client required assistance with the telecommunications migration and a related financial review.

Approach: Our team benchmarked all existing voice and data costs at the client’s current headquarters. On a parallel track, three solutions were designed to meet the client’s voice and data needs. We documented each solution and presented to the client’s executive leadership team for final decision and sign-off. Once approved, we developed a strategic plan for service delivery of the new voice and data solution.

The plan included hardware, station equipment, cabling, network configuration, business continuity planning, porting, VPN, and specialized remote connectivity activities. Our team executed seamlessly, and we completed the project ahead of schedule. We completed a post-implementation review to verify that all old services were disconnected.

Result: Our first-month bill review showed verified that all new services were billing accurately. The technology migration and transformation eliminated costly traditional services while reducing monthly carrier costs by over 30 percent.